Hayman Island's History

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Hayman Island has always been a place of dreams. In 1770, James Cook was the first the chart the waters of the area, a young man in search of adventure and promise he found the paradise that he was looking for in these sparkling seas. Since that time Hayman Island and the surrounding Whitsundays Islands and Great Barrier Reef have been a dream location for people all around the world, drawn to the crystal clear waters and striking white sand of the island paradises that call to them.

Hayman Island was named after Thomas Hayman, Commander George Nares navigator. These two adventurous men explored Antarctica and were the first to pass through the Suez Canal, once discovering the paradise that Hayman Island has to offer, the name of one of these men was lent to the spectacular island as a thank you for its beauty, calm and serenity after the arduous journeys they had endured together.

In 1933 Hayman Island had its first inhabitant when Edwin Embry established a research facility to study and discover the spectacular wildlife, marine life and natural resources that the island had to offer.

Hayman Island began its walk toward fame in 1936 when film maker Zane Grey was captivated by the beauty of the location. Grey planted the islands first coconut palm and used it as a backdrop for his comedy drama ‘White Death.’

In 1947 Australian entrepreneur and aviation pioneer Reginald Ansett fell in love with the islands tropical shores and serenity and acquired the land for his own. He began to design and build the Royal Hayman Hotel which was opened in 1950 and was the start of holiday travel to this stunning destination.

Quickly Hayman Island made a name for itself becoming one of Australia’s foremost leisure, wedding and honeymoon destinations and attracted international attention and acclaim. In 1969 Hayman Island was the key destination and filming grounds for the famous Australian TV show Barrier Reef and in 1972 attracted adventurous Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax to its sandy shores after a long 361 days at sea in a row boat.

In July 1985 plans were in motion to turn Hayman Island into a perfect luxury lifestyle destination and in 1987 Hayman Island was invited and acclaimed into a list of the leading hotels in the world. Significant renovations in early 2000’s ensured that the islands resort and facilities were modern, up to date and providing the service expected from the best.

Mulpha Australia Limited became the owners of Hayman Island in 2004 and by 2010 the final adjustments were made on this tropical paradise island to ensure that every guest receives the best service, activities and luxury beachfront lifestyle without damaging the precious environment which it is so proud of.

Hayman Island is forever evolving and is sure to develop in bigger and better ways as its story continues.

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