How To Get Here: Hayman Island

Hayman Island offers a pristine natural environment, privacy and exclusivity at all times. That being said, it is also easily accessible from the lively cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on Australia’s east coast and directly accessible from many of the world’s most exciting cities internationally.

The local Great Barrier Reef airport (Hamilton Island) accepts flights from all of Australia’s major cities which allow for flight connections from Asia, Europe, America and Africa making it easily accessible from wherever you are in the world right now!

From the Great Barrier Reef airport you have a choice of transfer options including boat, helicopter and seaplane.

The Hayman Island Launch is one hour of pure luxury travel which is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. A friendly greeting as soon as you step off your flight, a guide helping you onto the luxury boat and instant relaxation as you find yourself surrounded by tranquillity and indulgence right from the very first moment. The one-hour luxury launch is a unique experience itself. The fleet of stunning white cruisers run by Hayman Island are fully appointed and designed to provide you with the ideal start to your perfect Hayman Island experience. When on the cruiser you will cross the amazing Whitsunday passage and have the opportunity to marvel at the pristine islands, sparkling sapphire sea and feel the cool breeze and warm sun entice you, offering you that dream island experience you have been waiting for. Refreshments are served on board and as you approach arrival all check in services are provided so that you can be guided directly to your room as soon as you arrive at your island paradise. Full guest services are available on board including tour, activity and restaurant information and bookings.

If going by air is more your style you will find full booking options on arrival at the Great Barrier Reef airport on Hamilton Island. Charter helicopters fly from Hamilton Island across the beautiful Whitsunday passage giving you a birds-eye-view of the spectacular islands of the Great Barrier Reef and landing you in style on Hayman Island, Seaplanes are also available and seat 4 – 5 adults at a time.